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About Us

About graceful heart kids international

Giving Hope & Breaking Cycles

Graceful Heart Kids International is a U.S. based nonprofit organization dedicated solely to finance educational needs of the orphans from pre-kindergarten to college level. And to support any student who thrives better in technical or vocational education. We believe that together, we can positively impact an orphan’s life by giving them hope and maximum help to break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

Free Education

We provide totally free education for orphans from pre-kindergarten through college by paying their tuitions, after school tutoring and lessons fees


We provide two sets of school uniforms, a set of sweaters and shoes to each student per school year.

School Supplies

We provide every student with adequate school supplies for each school year and as needed.

Extra Curricular Activities

We encourage and sponsor students participating in extracurricular activities.

want to get involved?
At Graceful Heart Kids, we rely on the generosity and support of people like you to help us achieve our mission of providing education to orphans in Africa. Here are some ways you can get involved and make a difference:


Your financial support will help us provide school fees, textbooks, uniforms, and other necessary supplies to orphans in Africa. To donate, please call (240) 326-3964 or send us an email us at gracefulheartkids@gmail.com.

Spread the Word

Share our mission and the impact we're making on social media, with your friends and family, and in your community. The more people who know about our work, the more we can help those in need.

Partner With Us

If you represent a business or organization that shares our values, we would love to discuss ways we can collaborate. We are open to partnering on events, cause marketing campaigns, and other initiatives.


We welcome volunteers who want to support our cause. Whether you have skills in fundraising, marketing, or event planning, we could use your help. You can find out more about volunteering opportunities by contacting us.


June 12, 2023

12:00pm - 5:00pm


Annual Fun Day

Join Graceful Heart Kids Intl, for its annual fun day event on June 12, 2023 @ Ajowa Town Hall in Ajowa Akoko.

Come prepared for day of fun and laughter.

Activities Include:

  • Talent Show
  • Health Talks
  • Career Talks
  • Dance Competitions
  • Physical Activities
  • Games
  • Lots of Food and Drinks,
  • Distribution of Gifts

June 2023

Annual Fun Day

Ajowa Town Hall
Ajowa Akoko